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  • A Parisian Street Scene - billboard
  • A Kitchen Still Life - billboard
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Our collection charts the rise of Impressionism through to the later years of Post-Impressionism and its indelible legacy of depicting light and nature in a new and liberated way.

The Harbour by

Noirot, Emile – The Harbour

29 x 39

Oil on Canvas


The Pose by

PLANTEY, Madelaine – The Pose

32 x 26"

Oil on Canvas

Exhibited at the Société Lyonnaise des Beaux Arts

A Transitional Steamer by

Priestman, Bertram – A Transitional Steamer

6 x 9

Oil on Panel


Tower Bridge by

Sicard, Pierre – Tower Bridge

26 x 32

Oil on Canvas

A Parisian Street Scene by

Stein, Georges – A Parisian Street Scene

7 x 9

Oil on Panel

Notre Dame, Paris by

Stein, Georges – Notre Dame, Paris

24 x 32

Oil on Canvas

A Garland of Roses by

Toussaint, Fernand – A Garland of Roses

9 x 11

Oil on Panel

The Woodland Pipers by

Triquet, Jules Octave – The Woodland Pipers

68 x 44

Oil on Canvas

A Vase of Flowers by

Vennaman, Rosa – A Vase of Flowers

45 x 35

Oil on Canvas

A Bridge over the River Seine by

Villars – A Bridge over the River Seine

18 x 26

Oil on Canvas