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  • A Parisian Street Scene - billboard
  • A Kitchen Still Life - billboard
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Our collection charts the rise of Impressionism through to the later years of Post-Impressionism and its indelible legacy of depicting light and nature in a new and liberated way.

Poppies and Daisies by

de Ladeveze-Cauchois, Louis – Poppies and Daisies

18 x 24

Oil on Canvas

Flamenco dancers by

Diey, Yves – Flamenco dancers

18 x 15

Oil on Canvas

The Red Lipstick by

Domergue, Jean Gabriel – The Red Lipstick

26" x 21"

Oil on Canvas


A Clipper Ship at Full Sail by

Dumont-Duparc, Robert – A Clipper Ship at Full Sail

12 x 16

Oil on Board

Flowers in a Ceramic Vase by

Dyf, Marcel – Flowers in a Ceramic Vase

29 x 24

Oil on Canvas

L'Esclave by

Dyf, Marcel – L'Esclave

29 x 36

Oil on Canvas

Ex Frost and Reed


Azaleas and Cyclamens by

Evrard, Paula – Azaleas and Cyclamens

28 x 38

Oil on Canvas

Taking a Break by

Fidler, Harry – Taking a Break

16 x 19

Oil on Canvas

Venice by

Follini, Carlo – Venice

17 x 10

Oil on Panel


Stormy Waters by

Gagliardini, Julien Gustave – Stormy Waters

13 x 18

Oil on Panel