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The many paintings we have that represent the traditional and more classical facets of art in Europe.

Hunting Dogs Looking to the Right by

Petit, Eugene – Hunting Dogs Looking to the Right

16 x 13

Oil on Canvas

Feeding the Ducks by

Pieters, Evert – Feeding the Ducks

30 x 36

Oil on Canvas

This painting is in absolutely perfect condition. It has been protected behind glass all of its life, shielding it from the harmful everyday toxins.

Many of Evert Pieters' paintings can be of traditional dark interiors where the mother is cradling a baby. This is a wonderful example of his work. It is an outdoor example with plenty of interaction between the children and the ducks within the painting which illustrates further the uniqueness of this piece. The distance through the trees allows Pieters to illustrate his skills by creating depth and a real sense of perspective. The highlights hitting the tops of the fence, the children and the duck house further show his talent with his use of light and shade.

The frame is original to the picture and was chosen by Pieters.

Canvas size: 30 x 36
Frame Size: 42 x 48

Bringing Home the Catch by

Raadsig, Peter – Bringing Home the Catch

22 x 30

Oil on Canvas


Sailing Boats by

Ricard - Cordingley, Georges – Sailing Boats

18 x 22

Oil on Canvas


Walking by the Rivers Edge  by

Rigolot, Albert Gabriel – Walking by the Rivers Edge

21 x 32

Oil on Canvas

A Lady Reading by

Ritzberger, Albert – A Lady Reading

24 x 25

Oil on Canvas

A Lady in her Bedroom by

Seignac, Paul – A Lady in her Bedroom

11 x 9

Oil on Panel

Tower Bridge by

Sicard, Pierre – Tower Bridge

26 x 32

Oil on Canvas

Blowing Bubbles by

Stanis, S – Blowing Bubbles

22 x 15

Oil on Canvas

A Parisian Street Scene by

Stein, Georges – A Parisian Street Scene

7 x 9

Oil on Panel