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  • 'The New Arrival' by Bernard Pothast
  • Les Soir au Bord de L'yonne
  • Returning to the Boat - billboard

The many paintings we have that represent the traditional and more classical facets of art in Europe.

Jeune Chats by

Leroy, Jules Gustave – Jeune Chats

14 x 11

Oil on Panel

A French River Scene  by

Levis, Maurice – A French River Scene

28 x 39

Oil on Canvas

A River Landscape by

Levis, Maurice – A River Landscape

17 x 24

Oil on Canvas

La Seine a Herblay  by

Levis, Maurice – La Seine a Herblay

8 x 11

Oil on Canvas



Le Moulin de la Gloriette  by

Levis, Maurice – Le Moulin de la Gloriette

6 x 9

Oil on Panel

A Parisian Scene by

Madelain, Gustave – A Parisian Scene

10 x 13

Oil on Board

Lever de Lune Sur la Seudre by

Malfroy, Charles – Lever de Lune Sur la Seudre

15 x 22

Oil on Canvas

The Pageant of Venice by

Malfroy, Henry – The Pageant of Venice

24 x 36"

Oil on Canvas

A Village by a River by

Mascart, Gustave – A Village by a River

13 x 16

Oil on Canvas

A Market Day by

Minier, Suzanne – A Market Day

22 x 26

Oil on Canvas