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  • 'The New Arrival' by Bernard Pothast
  • Les Soir au Bord de L'yonne
  • Returning to the Boat - billboard

The many paintings we have that represent the traditional and more classical facets of art in Europe.

A Race Horse by

Volkers, Emile – A Race Horse

10 x 13

Oil on Canvas


Cattle Watering by

Vuillefroy, Felix Dominique De – Cattle Watering

15 x 22

Oil on Canvas

Offering a Flower by

Weisz, Adolphe – Offering a Flower

38 x 26

Oil on Canvas

The Maid by

Weyde, Julius – The Maid

32 x 24

Oil on Canvas

Sheep Resting by

Woutermaertens, Edouard – Sheep Resting

12 x 17

Oil on Panel

The Journey Home by

Yon, Edmond Charles Joseph – The Journey Home

13 x 21

Oil on Canvas