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The many paintings we have that represent the traditional and more classical facets of art in Europe.

A Misty Morning by

Berthier, Charles – A Misty Morning

21 x 29"

Oil on Canvas




Lovers in a Garden by

Beyle, Pierre-Marie – Lovers in a Garden

26 x 20

Oil on Panel

26 x 20

Oil on Panel

Preparing the Supper by

Billet, Pierre – Preparing the Supper

14 x 18

Oil on Panel


14 x 18"

Oil on Panel

Cattle Grazing by

Binet, Georges Jules Ernest – Cattle Grazing

22 x 33"

Oil on Canvas

The Courtyard Rendevouz by

Blum, Maurice – The Courtyard Rendevouz

14 x 10"

Oil on Panel

A Norwich Terrier and a Manchester Terrier by

Boland, Charles – A Norwich Terrier and a Manchester Terrier

30 x 42"

Oil on Canvas


Original Antique Frame


On N'entre Pas by

Borchard, Edmond – On N'entre Pas

40 x 29"

Oil on Canvas

Original Antique Frame

Grand Canal a Venise by

Boucart, Gaston Hippolyte Ambroise – Grand Canal a Venise

11 x 14

Oil on Canvas

The Young Girl by

BOULINEAU, Aristide – The Young Girl

10 x 8

Oil on Panel

circa 1900

Boulineau's use of highlights brings this young girl to life. The sparkle in her eye gives this painting a sense of an inquisitive mind studying her surroundings.

This beautiful painting comes with its beautiful and original frame in gold leaf. 

The outside measurements are 18" x 16"

The Grand Canal by

Bouvard, Antoine – The Grand Canal

13 x 18"

Oil on Canvas