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Albert Sirtaine

Biography of Artist


Belgian School

Albert Sirtaine was born in1868 in Verviers and died in 1959.

He was principally a painter of landscapes and portraits. These he did in a style that undoubtedly felt the influence of French Impressionism.; fellow countrymen that were working with the same vision in mind included Emile Claus and Frans Simons- though the three men each had their own technical interpretation.

Sirtaine studied under Evariste Carpentier at the Royal Academy for Beaux-Arts in Liege.

He exhibited from 1892 – 1932 and his work is held in numerous private collections.

There is a piece by him called ‘The Farmyard’ in Liege Museum and another at the museum in Verniers.

A Picnic by the Riverside by

A Picnic by the Riverside

Size: 38 x 50

Oil on Canvas

Price: from £5000 to £10000

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